Our 190 point inspection leaves your home operating at its maximum potential!

Our certified and carefully trained technicians will more than meet your expectations when providing you with information and service to your specific needs.


You might be surprised to know that in addition to our 190 point inspection checklist there are minor maintenance services covered with your standard low monthly fee. The services and materials included in your maintenance fee are:

  1. Dryer vent cleaning once a year
  2. Changing AC filters quarterly
  3. Hauling junk away once per year
  4. Checking for roof and plumbing leaks at every visit
  5. Spraying and removing bees and wasp nests
  6. Changing smoke detector batteries semi-annually
  7. Changing burned out light bulbs
  8. Treating and removing insect colonies
  9. Checking roof for damage and potential problems

The materials and special home maintenance services above come packaged together in a monthly fee. Feel free to choose when will be your best times of the year to have junk hauled off. Perhaps you prefer just before the holidays, or maybe you would like to do some spring cleaning. It is there for you when you request it. Should you have a stopped up toilets or sinks, just call us and we will have one of our representatives come and repair it as part of your maintenance fee. See Our Packages Here

Did you know Jebo Total Home Care has special options we can add to your monthly service?

  • Roof cleaning services
  • Gutter cleaning services
  • Home power washing services, including your driveway, house, or patio furniture
  • Window cleaning services

If there is a special option you would like to add, feel free to ask us for it and we'll give you a quote.